W I N E R Y   B O U T I Q U E 
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We are a family owned urban winery and ​retail wine store in Garner, North Carolina.   We specialize in hard-to-find but affordable wines from around the world.  Come relax and get to know us -- a sip at a time.  

The owner, Dawn Reels, was Born in Paterson NJ and her family moved to NC as a young child. She is the wife of Sidney McMillan Jr. and a mother of two beautiful and amazing adult children. Dawn enjoys church and spending  time with my family They are all very close, and they all value relationships.

Wine Down Winery Boutique started as a dream for Dawn in 2019.   She worked hard to move forward on her passion for wine -- and after being laid off from her job of 13+ years in 2020, it  gave her the unexpected push to unfold her vision by opening "Wine Down Winery Boutique."

Wine Down is designed to bring people together, and to help them take time from our very busy lives and reflect on relaxation.


We believe that wine is not just a drink-- it's really a breath of fresh air.   We all need to relax and take a break from this complex and challenging world.  So what better place to come take a load off than to stop in and "Un-Wine"!


Never give up on your dreams to matter how hard they seem!!

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